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Hyde Racing Skid Plate YAMAHA 16-17 WR 450F

Hyde Racing Skid Plate YAMAHA 16-17 WR 450F
Brand: BRP
Product Code: HP-SG-137
Price: $119.50

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Hyde racing skid plates are 1/3 the weight of aluminum skid plates and offer a sleek factory look. Made of a Teflon/Co-Polymer, These revolutionary skid plates come with stainless steel hardware, are abrasion resistant, will not dent, and will not fatigue or crack as current poly-resin skid plates do. The Hyde form fitting design restricts mud accumulation allowing for lower engine temperatures due to more airflow as a result there is no loss of horsepower. Hyde racing skid plates absorb sound instead of reflecting itso it offers superior impact absorption with no resonate sound.

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