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When dirt bike riding is your passion, your bike better be in prime shape with all the bells and whistles. From riding the toughest trails to taking on cross-country adventure rides, at Billet Racing Products, we've got you covered. We stock the parts and accessories you need to overcome any challenge on the trail or off. We can hook you up with even the hardest to find dirt bike parts. In addition to designing and manufacturing our own line of billet aluminum dirt bike, dual sport, and UTV parts and accessories; we also carry after market products from the best manufacturers in the offroad industry, so you know you're getting top quality at prices that won't break the bank.

Pyradmid LED Whip "Shorty"

Pyradmid LED Whip "Shorty"
Product Code: PLW-SHORTY
Price: $80.00
We now stock red, white and blue shorty whips!
These are perfect for wooded areas so you can maintain illuminated and safe, while not having to worry about branches damaging your whips.


A total of 8" of light and approximately 12" incl housing.

These are built to the same standards as any of our other whips. Their construction is of 1" polycarbonate tube, anti-vibration O-rings along the strip to keep the lights protected on the inside, and stainless steel/aluminum construction for our quick release base.

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