Welcome to BRP/Billet Racing Product, where you will find a large selection of quality hard parts and accessories for your dirt bike, dual sport, adventure motorcycle or side by side. We have an extensive selection of Scotts steering stabilizer mounting solutions as well as quality aftermarket parts and accessories to equip your ride to take on and conquer the roughest trails and adventures.


With over 10 years experience in design, testing and racing we are an industry leader when it comes to triple clamps. We have the experience of working closely with several top level teams and riders to develop a line of triple clamps that offer improved ergonomics, handling and ease of mounting Scotts stabilizers. Rest assured when you are running a BRP triple clamp setup you are running the very best.

Generally you have several options available when selecting a triple clamp such as Solid or Rubber Mounted Bar Mounts (Most models)

  • Bar Clamp Configuration (Moto, SX, Scotts or SUB Mount)
  • Bar Mount Handlebar Size (7/8" or 1 1/8")
  • Bar Mount Height (1.240", 1.360", 1.640")
  • Bar Position (Relative to Stem "RTS")

BRP triple clamps are the only triple clamps on the market that are exclusively designed for mounting a stabilizer. We have the ability to mount a stabilizer on most late model mx, off road, dual-sport, super moto and adventure bikes including mini's.

BRP triple clamps are manufactured to the highest quality standards from 6061-T6 billet aluminum making our triple clamps far stronger than the OEM units and comparable in weight. Finished in our signature black anodize.

Bar Clamp and Bar Mount Configurations

We offer 4 different bar mount configurations; Moto, SX, Scotts and SUB Mount. The Moto, SX, SUB and Scotts bar mount configurations are available for 1 1/8" bars. Handlebar adapters that allow 7/8" bars in 1 1/8" bar mounts are available for those of you who prefer running the standard 7/8" handlebar.

Moto Bar Mounts
Pro Moto Bar Mount Configuration
SX Bar Mounts
Pro SX Bar Mount Configuration
Scotts Bar Mounts
Pro Scotts Bar Mount Configuration
SUB Mount
SUB Mount Bar Mount Configuration

Handlebar Position Options

All triple clamps and bar mount configurations are different. At BRP most of our triple clamps offer a farther forward bar position than the OEM triple clamp. That along with the 3 lower bar perch height options and 3mm offset perches you have the ability to configure a handlebar position that works best for you.


Along with the image on the right and the bar position charts located on our Bar Position Page, you should have all the information you need to select the bar position and height that best suits you and your preferred setup.

Handlebar Position Diagram

Special Offset Clamps

What is a triple clamp offset? Triple clamp offset is the distance measured between the centerline of the steering stem bore and the centerline of the fork bores (see image). Some models can benefit greatly from a reduced offset, by reducing the offset or moving the forks closer to the steering stem you change the weight characteristics on the machine which will give the front end a more planted feel and thus reduce wandering and pushing in the turns. The benefit is a great deal more confidence in the front end allowing you to corner better and charge harder.

Special Offset Triple Clamp Diagram

Additional Hardware

Some models may require additional hardware for headlight and odometer mounts such as the X model Hondas or the WR model Yamahas.

Special Notes:

1. Some models may require additional hardware for light mounts, odo mounts and brake line guides. These items may be priced separately depending on the model.


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