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The BRP SUB Mount "Scotts Under Bar" is the latest in stabilizer mounting options. The SUB Mount is a below bar Scotts stabilizer mount that replaces your bar mounts on OEM, BRP or Scotts triple clamps and is designed to run 1 1/8" handlebars.

SUB Mounting your Scotts stabilizer offers several benefits over a conventional "above bar" stabilizer setup.
  • Concealed stabilizer mount reduces risk of injury
  • Approximately 1" taller bar position on most models
  • Ability to run a bar pad for 1 more level of protection
SUB Mounted Scotts stabilizers are a very popular setup for GP's, motocross, off road, dual sport and riders of all stature. The additional height of the SUB Mount can be compensated for with a lower handlebar bend. Applications are available for most late model mx, off road, dual-sport, supermoto and some mini bikes.
The BRP SUB Mount is designed exclusively for OEM, BRP or Scotts triple clamps and we have applications for most late model off road machines. If you have a triple clamp other than a OEM, BRP or Scotts; please contact us to see if we have an application.

SUB Mount Configurations

The BRP SUB Mount comes in one basic configuration. However some models have a specific configuration that differs from the norm. This would include the XR Honda's that use the Forward mount style tower or the OEM KTM models that use the SUB mount adapter.

BRP Standard Style SUB MountStandard SUB Mount

Our standard SUB Mount is designed to mount on OEM, BRP or Scotts triple clamps and is the basic setup for most models. This setup usually raises the bar position about 1" on most models. See your model for information.

BRP Forward Style SUB MountXR SUB Mount

Our XR SUB Mount is designed for the 400 and 650R. This setup requires BRP or Scotts triple clamp, forward mount style tower, special link arm and extended throttle cables for XR 650's; XR 400 will require cable rerouting. See your model for more information.

SUB Mount Adapters

SUB Mount Adapters are designed for the OEM KTM and Husaberg triple clamps. The SUB Adapter is basically an adapter plate for your Scotts stabilizer and bolts to your OEM triple clamp using 2 of the 4 existing bar mounting holes.


This is a great solution to both raise your bars 1" while moving the stabilizer below the bars. The 1" rise can be compensated for with a lower bend handlebar.

BRP Standard Style SUB Mount

SUB Mount Stabilizers and Towers

Running a SUB Mounted stabilizer requires a shorter tower and a reverse mounted link arm on your stabilizer. Honda XR SUB Mount applications require a special extended link arm. The image to the right illustrates some of the basic components for a SUB Mount configuration.


BRP is an authorized Scotts Stabilizer Dealer and Service center with an extensive knowledge of stabilizer mounting applications. We have a complete line of stabilizer mounting applications and replacement parts. When it comes to service we offer complete service on all Scotts stabilizers.

BRP Standard Style SUB Mount

Handlebar Positions

The SUB Mount offers a 25mm taller bar position on most models. The handlebar position relative to steering stem or RTS will generally be comparable to the most forward bar position on the OEM triple clamp with the exception of models that have the multiple mounting points for the bar mounts. In this case the bar position will be comparable to the most popular position.

Special Notes:
When running a Scotts stabilizer in the SUB Mount configuration the arm will need to be reversed mounted. Using a lower bend bar can often emulate the stock bar height. Due to the SUB Mounts increased height, triple clamp style enduro handguard mounts will not work with many bar bends so we recommend running either U-clamp or Bonz mounts.

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