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When dirt bike riding is your passion, your bike better be in prime shape with all the bells and whistles. From riding the toughest trails to taking on cross-country adventure rides, at Billet Racing Products, we've got you covered. We stock the parts and accessories you need to overcome any challenge on the trail or off. We can hook you up with even the hardest to find dirt bike parts. In addition to designing and manufacturing our own line of billet aluminum dirt bike, dual sport, and UTV parts and accessories; we also carry after market products from the best manufacturers in the offroad industry, so you know you're getting top quality at prices that won't break the bank.

The Scotts steering stabilizer is by far, the best investment you will ever make toward your bike setup. Not only will you get the benefits in performance, endurance and safety with a Scotts stabilizer but they are proven to help minimize rider fatigue, arm pump, wheel deflection and virtually eliminate head-shake allowing you to ride longer, harder and faster! Once you ride with a Scotts stabilizer you will never want to ride without it. Basically the stabilizer works like a fully adjustable hydraulic shock absorbing unit for your steering. The Scotts steering stabilizer has 3 fully adjustable damping circuits and unlike other stabilizer's it features no damping back to center allowing you to fine tune the Scotts stabilizer for all riding conditions.
Contact us to rebuild and repair your Scotts Damper.

BRP is an authorized Scotts Stabilizer Dealer and Service center with an extensive knowledge of stabilizer mounting applications. We have a complete line of stabilizers, mounting kits and replacement parts.



Scotts Stabilizer Adjustment Features

The Scotts stabilizer has a very wide range of adjustments. With it's 20 clicks of Low Speed adjustment, High Speed tune ability and multiple sweep settings there is no doubt you will be able to tune the stabilizer for your riding conditions and style.

Scotts Stabilizer DiagramLow Speed Circuit is adjusted by the external Base Valve Knob and is active when the bars are turned slowly. There are approximately 20 clicks of adjustment.

High Speed Circuit is adjusted by the hidden High Speed Valve Screw and is active when the bars are turned quickly. This circuit is extremely sensitive and we recommend leaving it at 1 1/2 turns out.

Sweep Control is adjusted by the screws on the side of the unit and allows you to control how far from the centerline out in either direction the unit will dampen. There are 4 different settings. (See Diagram to the left)

No Damping Back to Center is adjustable but offers better cornering control by not having to overcome damping back to center.

Mounting Styles

There are 3 different mounting styles available for the Scotts stabilizer. Conventional, SUB Mount and Low Mount. See your model for specific applications. We have kits for most late model mx and off road machines.

Conventionally Mounted Stabilizer

Conventionally Mounted Stabilizer

The Conventionally Mounted Stabilizer is the original style above bar mounting for your stabilizer. The above bar mounting works great on most applications. We have both weld-on or Bolt-on kits for most models including mini applications.

SUB Mounted Stabilizer

SUB Mounted Stabilizer

The SUB Mounted Stabilizer is the latest in stabilizer mounting. This setup mounts the stabilizer below the bars and is a great setup for all applications. The SUB Mount offers a 1" taller bar position for most models. We have Bolt-on kits for most models including most mini's.

Mounting a Scotts stabilizer on your machine is usually a pretty easy process. There are 3 basic mounting requirements for a stabilizer.
Appropriate link arm: The standard Scotts stabilizer for conventional mount applications comes with a stepped link-arm and depending on your application and model a reversed link arm, longer link arm, or even a flat link arm may be required.
Bolt on / Weld on frame bracket or tower: The tower is a stationary post that makes the connection between the frame and stabilizer link arm. Use of the correct and properly installed tower is crucial to the proper function and life of the unit.
Stabilizer Mount: The appropriate mount Scotts top bar clamp, SUB Mount or Low Mount. The appropriate mount is vital to the performance and life of your Scotts stabilizer. Shop your brand or contact us to confirm the fitment for your model.

Special Notes:
When it comes to mounting stabilizers there may be certain limitations based on 3 primary factors; 1. The triple clamp shape, 2. bar mount location, 3. frame & tank clearance. In most cases the ability to get a stabilizer on your model shouldn't be a problem. On some SUB Mount applications you may need to modify the adjuster knob or use the pointer style knob due to clearance issues. If your not sure if there is a mounting application for your bike navigate to your dirt bike brand or contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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