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When dirt bike riding is your passion, your bike better be in prime shape with all the bells and whistles. From riding the toughest trails to taking on cross-country adventure rides, at Billet Racing Products, we've got you covered. We stock the parts and accessories you need to overcome any challenge on the trail or off. We can hook you up with even the hardest to find dirt bike parts. In addition to designing and manufacturing our own line of billet aluminum dirt bike, dual sport, and UTV parts and accessories; we also carry after market products from the best manufacturers in the offroad industry, so you know you're getting top quality at prices that won't break the bank.

Dirt Bike Handlebar Mounts

Our dirt bike and dual sport bar mount line is manufactured to the highest quality standards for a precise fit and finish that is comparable in weight to your OEM bar mounts and finished in our signature black anodize. BRP bar mount kits come complete with all necessary hardware for an easy bolt on assembly.

Bar Clamp Styles

You have the choice of 3 different bar clamp styles; Moto, SX or Scotts. Scotts bar mounts require a different bar clamp for each bar position. Some applications use a SUB Mount due to OEM bar mount height.


Moto Bar Mounts

BRP Moto Bar Mounts feature individual bar clamps this is our entry level bar mount assembly designed for moto applications on OEM triple clamps with removable bar mounts.


SX Bar Mounts

BRP SX Bar Mounts feature a one piece bar clamp that provides additional clamping surface and helps prevent bar twist in the event of hard landings. Designed for SX applications.


Scotts Bar Mounts

BRP Scotts Bar Mounts feature a 1 piece top bar clamp designed to mount a Scotts stabilizer conventionally above the handlebar. These bar mounts are great for moto, sx, off road and dual sport applications.

Bar Positions Options

With our bar mounts you have the ability to configure several different bar positions. With the 3 different height options and 3mm offset lower bar perches you will be able to find a bar position that works best for you. For more details about bar positions refer to our RTS Chart.

Bar Mount Height Options

You have the option of 3 different bar mount heights to choose from

  • 1.240" (31.5mm)
  • 1.360" (34.5mm)
  • 1.640" (41.65mm)


7/8" Handlebar Adapters

If you have bar mounts for 1 1/8" bars and would prefer running standard 7/8" bars, we have our 7/8" handlebar adapters that make that possible. You will find the adapters in the controls section for your model.


Special Notes: Scotts bar mounts can not be rotated from originally purchased configuration. You will need to purchase a different top bar clamp for each bar position. Scotts Bar Mounts are designed for mounting a Scotts stabilizer, however in some cases our bar clamp will accommodate a GPR Version 1 stabilizer.

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