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Ox Brake Hydra Brake Left Hand Rear Brake - KTM

Ox Brake Hydra Brake Left Hand Rear Brake - KTM
Ox Brake Hydra Brake Left Hand Rear Brake - KTM
Brand: BRP
Product Code: OHB-30#
Price: $295.00

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Ox Hydra Brake Left Hand Rear Brake

Available for 2 & 4 Stroke KTM and Husqvarna models. (Does Not Fit Freeride) The Ox Hydra Brake Left Hand Rear Brake is a hydraulic left-hand rear braking system that offers you powerful yet controllable braking to the rear wheel. With little effort you can lock up the rear wheel. It is extremely helpful for off camber turns and switchbacks where you are most likely to have your feet off the pegs. The OX-HYDRA BRAKE is a stand-alone, auxiliary leaver operating the rear wheel brake system. Should this hydraulic system fail for any reason, you still have complete control of your OEM rear brake system as supplied by the Manufacture. Because the OX-HYDRA BRAKE is stand-alone system, the brake fluid does not heat as the rear master cylinder fluid does under heavy use, therefore it will not fade as other systems can


  • Powerful Hydraulic Hand Actuated Braking System
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Excellent Brake Modulation
  • On the Fly Adjustability
  • Ready to Install – No Bleeding Required
  • Stand Alone Braking – Does not affect OEM Braking System
  • Uses DOT 4 Brake Fluid
  • Made in USA

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