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BRP Triple Clamp, Stabilizer & Tower Kit 00-13 Gas Gas Ec,Xc Onl

BRP Triple Clamp, Stabilizer & Tower Kit 00-13 Gas Gas Ec,Xc Onl
Product Code: DT-BOLT-00-13 Gas Gas
Price: $714.00

Available Options

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The BRP DT-Bolt Kit is our complete bolt on package including; BRP top triple clamp, Scotts stabilizer and bolt on tower. Go with this kit and experience the benefits of a quality aftermarket triple clamp like; rubber mounted bar mounts, optional bar mount heights, optional bar positions and side pinch fork clamping on most models. Special fork offsets are available for certain models only and will be listed in the available options below.

BRP triple clamps offer a wide range of options to accommodate different rider ergonomics. In most cases a our top triple clamp offers a bar position with a greater "RTS" (Relative to Stem) distance than the stock triple clamp. Our bar mounts are reversible and available in 3 different heights and in some cases different offsets increasing your bar position options. [ RTS Chart ]

The Scotts stabilizer is the original and still the best stabilizer on the market. With it's high and low speed valving , adjustable sweep settings, no damping back to center, and 15 clicks of adjustment; How can you go wrong?

This is an easy bolt on kit which requires basic hand tools and can be installed by the novice mechanic.

Depending on model, some applications are available with solid mounted bar mounts only, and the fork pinch bolts may come from the front. When mounting a stabilizer on certain OEM applications you may need to bend the crossbar, reverse mount stabilizer or purchase new bars to provide clearance for the stabilizer. Some applications may require slight filing on the frame or the use of special rubber bar mount bushings for proper tower fitment. Lower triple clamps are available for certain models only. Some applications require extra hardware such as headlight or odometer brackets, so be sure to select the options below carefully.

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