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System Tech Racing Fork Bleeders All 85-990cc w/ Inverted Forks

System Tech Racing Fork Bleeders All 85-990cc w/ Inverted Forks
Brand: System Tech Racing
Product Code: STR-10-01
Price: $34.95

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System Tech Racing Patented Speed Bleed Valves are a triple sealed push button valve assembly using two, piston and cylinder type o-ring applications in each valve to eliminate leakage of fluids or air, in or out of the fork assembly.  Just 2 pounds of pressure can change the suspension balance front to rear as well as taking away that plush feeling and the confidence that goes with it.  So start by placing your bike on a stand to top out your forks, then press the Speed Bleed Valves to release any built up pressure. Bike must be on a stand to prevent negative pressure on the forks. Thiis condition would lower the front end ride height and drastically affect the overall handling of your bike.


Note: CR 85/150R, KX 85, RM 85, YZ 85 and KXF 450 Require using Height Adapter to compensate for recessed bleed holes.

(Height Adapters P/N 10-02 Sold Separately $14.95)


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